Do you know that bed bug infestations have become very common over the past 5 years?

They don’t pick their home, YOU do. Bed bugs can be transferred to and from hotels, motels, used clothing & furniture and even movie theater seats! Anywhere people go, the bugs go with them unless they are treated properly.

The good news…

1st American Pest Control will rid you of those nasty bed bugs!

The pros and cons of heat treatment vs chemicals used by 1st American Pest Control:
100% effective – We have access to bed bug sniffing dogs in cases of uncertainty.
Cost effective – Heat treatment is up to 3 times the cost of chemicals used by 1st American Pest Control.
Safe for all clothing, furniture and household items – Heat treatment requires bringing the temperature in the room up to 150 degrees! This can damage your sprinkler system, paint, drywall, wall paper, plants & fish aquariums.

Bed Bug Instructions English

Bed Bugs Instructions Spanish

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